Alpha Innovation Game Studios Ltd. also trading as AIGS Ltd.

is an indie game design studio founded in 2015 by internet entrepreneur Marcus Quinn, situated on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, England. We focused on creating and publishing high quality computer games for iOS and Android devices. 

To date we have just released our first gaming project Wild West Faro which is an authentic and historically accurate Old Western card game available to download today from Apple, Google and Amazon.

Download - Wild West Faro

Wild West Faro is our first game release!

Picture a scene of a Saloon back in the Old West. Imagine you’re there now, you walk in, you look around and see a group of people playing cards. You might think that they would be playing Poker, but the game of choice was in fact a game called Faro! If you would like to play this popular old classic card game on your mobile phone or tablet, then download the best Faro card game app today and step back in time.

As a small indie game design studio, we are trying to raise funds to work on new and exciting computer game projects and your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, keep on gaming and have a great day.

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